301 Class A-1 Beyond the Palette & Canvas with Buttercream


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Beyond the Palette & Canvas with Buttercream, Jennifer McClure – Saturday 10-Noon – $60

In my studio art days with acrylic paints, I loved using my palette knife to build texture and layers on the canvas. Hence, in this class I will delve into the nuances of buttercream painting.  It will start out with simple spackling techniques, moving onto palette knife work and finishing with brushwork. The end product will produce a lovely, textured, floral cake. The kind you just can’t wait to stick your finger in!


Jennifer McClure was born and raised in Wisconsin. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree
from Ripon College with an emphasis in Studio Art. During her four years there she focused on
honing her skills with acrylics, as well as three-dimensional art within sculpting, metal casting
and welding. Funny thing is…all very relatable to cake!
Chef Jen next married and moved to Nevada. Las Vegas was her home for over twelve years
before migrating back to Wisconsin with her now family of three, later adding a fourth.
During her years in Las Vegas she was a graphic designer for some time. She decided to
combine her love of the arts with her love of baking and went back to school. After graduating
with a 4.0 from Le Cordon Bleu she focused on cakes. Some of her creations were served to
Cirque du Soleil as well as Stella McCartney.
Before moving back to Wisconsin Chef Jen worked at Sugar's Bakery furthering her expertise
with confections and cakes. She now wants to share her knowledge with the students of FVTC,
and really anyone else who is willing, while picking up a thing or two in the process.