313 Class B-4 Creative Gonks


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Class B-4 Creative Gonks  – Mary Jo Dowling – Sat.1:30-3:30 – $60

Learn this fun and quick technique that is sweeping England by storm and set to invade the States. Starting with a Terry’s Chocolate OrangeTM, we will learn how to create these adorable holiday Nordic gnomes –i.e. ‘Gonks”. How to source supplies, package, price and promote your little friends. They are easy and fun and so creative as the variations are almost endless. So come and get gonking!


Mary Jo Dowling

Mary Jo Dowling Is the owner of frosting and crumbs, a custom cake studio in Pittsburgh, PA. She is an ICES Certified Master Sugar Artist, and Certified Sugar Art Judge. She was a 2018 RBA Pillsbury Baker’s Plus Grand Decorating Competition winner. She has been working in the sugar arts for more than a decade and was featured on

TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off and Fabulous Cakes. She was also featured on programs on HGTV, the Travel Channel and Yahoo TV. Her work has appeared in numerous cake related publications over the years. She is an ICES Approved Teacher and past chairman and president of the International Cake Exploration Societé, and member of the American Culinary Federation, Retail Bakers of America, and the British Sugar Craft Guild. She has taught students from around the globe in her travels.