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Class B-2 Wafer Paper Sweet Pea – Anna Astashkina – Sat. 1:30-3:30 $60

Learn how to make highly detailed Wafer Paper Sweet Pea with Anna Astashkina. In this class you will learn how to cut, shape, and texture wafer paper to create these delicate Sweet Pea flowers. You will learn how to mix and troubleshoot your own wafer paper conditioner, tips and tricks to keep your wafer paper from breaking, how to make sweet pea flowers using only wafer paper and how to paint and dust petals to create lifelike flowers. Whether you’re just starting out with wafer paper, or mastering your skills, this class provides a great foundation for creating flexible realistic-looking wafer paper flowers and discovering the beauty of the material.


Meet Anna Astashkina

Anna Astashkina is an award-winning Cake Artist and Wafer Paper Instructor, based in Chicago, Illinois. She is known for her modern wedding cakes and lifelike flowers featuring edible wafer paper (also known as rice paper).

She is an experienced tutor and demonstrator, and her cakes have been featured in magazines, TV commercials, and online publications worldwide.

Anna Astashkina dedicates most of her time teaching wafer paper classes and group workshops and sharing her passion for this delicate craft.