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So fun!

Learn a new sugar art skill from some of the best instructors in the industry. There are 13 class to select from in a wide variety sugar art topics

Class Schedule

  2. Section 1 Classes: 10 am-noon
  3. Section 2 Classes: 1:30-3:30 pm
  4. Section 3 Classes: 5-8 pm
  6. Section 4 Classes: 9-noon

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Class Details

Class Coordinator: Linda Harmon

PLEASE NOTE: *In order to sign up for classes, participants will need a Show Registration ticket (with the exception of the “Kids Classes”). One Day Pass tickets do not include access to the classes. *Only sign up for one class per time period

Saturday 10:00-Noon

Class A-1 Beyond the Palette and Canvas with Buttercream – Jennifer McClure – Sat. 10-Noon $60

In my studio art days with acrylic paints, I loved using my palette knife to build texture and layers on the canvas. Hence, in this class I will delve into the nuances of buttercream painting. 
It will start out with simple spackling techniques, moving onto palette knife work and finishing with brushwork. The end product will produce a lovely, textured, floral cake. The kind you just can’t wait to stick your finger in!

Class A-2 The Zombie Carrot – Blaque Shelton – Sat. 10-Noon $60

Learn how to sculpt using fondant & modeling chocolate from award winning Sugar Artist and Bakery Owner Chef Blāque! In this class, Chef Blāque will teach you how to condition, color, transform and add texture to modeling chocolate taking it to new heights and elevating your cake game. He will discuss the importance of designing your cake, including where to find inspiration, and how to plan your design. You will also learn how to integrate simple structure and how to sculpt, define and create realistic facial features of this Monster Carrot cake using simple tools and painting techniques.

Class A-3 Modeling Choc. Flowers/Bows – Jing Palasigue – Sat. 10-Noon $50

Advanced Chocolate – Use modeling chocolate to create beautiful flowers including the American rose and orchids. Add a finishing touch with a modeling chocolate bow. Students please bring modeling tools, foam pad, 8″ rolling pin, rolling board, round cutter, phalaenopsis orchid cutter, small artists brush.

Saturday 1:30-3:30PM

Class B-1 Rustic Decorated Sugar Cookies – Cheryl Weise – Sat. 1:30-3:30 $50

Go rustic in this sugar cookie decorating class. In this cookie class we will learn how to do a bark texture and embellish with an initial, succulents, and flowers all using royal icing. We will add edible moss to complete the rustic look!

Class B-2 Wafer Paper Sweet Pea – Anna Astashkina – Sat. 1:30-3:30 $60

Learn how to make highly detailed Wafer Paper Sweet Pea with Anna Astashkina. In this class you will learn how to cut, shape, and texture wafer paper to create these delicate Sweet Pea flowers. You will learn how to mix and troubleshoot your own wafer paper conditioner, tips and tricks to keep your wafer paper from breaking, how to make sweet pea flowers using only wafer paper and how to paint and dust petals to create lifelike flowers. Whether you’re just starting out with wafer paper, or mastering your skills, this class provides a great foundation for creating flexible realistic-looking wafer paper flowers and discovering the beauty of the material.

Class B-3 Over-Piping Buttercream Borders – Elizabeth Dickson – Sat. 1:30-3:30 $60

Bringing back elegant Buttercream piping – students will be learning a variety of borders including ruffled garland, Lambeth style over piping and drop string work.

Class B-4 Creative Gonks – Mary Jo Dowling – Sat. 1:30-3:30 $60

Learn this fun and quick technique that is sweeping England by storm and set to invade the States. Starting with a Terry’s Chocolate OrangeTM, we will learn how to create these adorable holiday Nordic gnomes –i.e. ‘Gonks”. How to source supplies, package, price and promote your little friends. They are easy and fun and so creative as the variations are almost endless. So come and get gonking!

Saturday 5:00-8:00PM

Class C-1 Gumpaste Filler Flowers – Nicholas Lodge – Sat. 5:00-8:00PM $80

During the fun and informative 3 hour mini class Chef Nicholas will guide you through making several types of filler flowers including pulled freehand blossoms, buds and frilled blossom, using cutters and molds to achieve perfect hydrangeas, Lilly of the valley, lilac and jasmine! All of these flowers are great for wedding and celebration cakes used on their own or with larger gum paste flowers. Everything will be provided for you to use and will be available to buy after the class. The class includes written instructions and a certificate at the end of the class. A great class not to be missed.

Class C-2 Sophisticated Torte – Suzanne Daly – Sat. 5:00-8:00 PM $80

Learn how to construct a multi layer torte that will wow your friends, family, and customers!  Start with the base cake and create your own specialty torte using a variety of simple syrups, fillings and icings.  Learn a fool-proof technique to achieve even cake layers. You will take home your completed torte. 

Class C-3 Brush Embroidery – Antiquing – Colette Peters – Sat. 5:00-8:00 $80

In this 3-hour class we will be making a decorative plaque with royal icing and a brush. We will then antique our design with powders and alcohol. Open to all.

Sunday 9:00-Noon

Class D-1 Watercolor & Pen & Ink – Mary Jo Dowling – Sun. 9:00-Noon $80

Painting and Pen and Ink drawing on cakesThere are so many ways to creatively apply designs and colors on to cakes. We’ll investigate  simple pen and ink, water color, and pastel techniques to make your cake creations stand out. How to pick designs, transfer and freehand your artwork onto the cake and how to minimize and fix errors while creating a one of a kind masterpiece on a plaque to take home. This class is about basic techniques and principals of application and is appropriate for everyone, since after all, aren’t we all sugar artists? 

Class D-2 Buttercream Flowers & Lace- Elizabeth Dickson – Sun. 9:00-Noon $ 80

Take your buttercream to a new level with this easy but impressive lace technique, all done in buttercream! Then finish off your cake with an assortment of piped buttercream flowers.

Class D-3 Chocolate 101 – Beth Meyer – Sun 9:00-Noon $80

This class is ideal for anyone passionate about chocolate. We will cover: the types of different chocolate, the temperature at which various chocolates are tempered, how to get that shine, viscosity and of course, HOW to temper chocolate using the microwave method so you can do it at home.


Kids Classes – info here

Kids Classes

Cookies House for Kids Ages 8 to 12

Saturday 1:00-1:45 $15 Time to be creative and have fun decorating a cookie house!

Time to be creative and have fun decorating a cookie house! Saturday 1:00 to 1:45 pm Ages 8 to 12

Create your colorful Springtime House, using icing and candy trims. Don’t worry about the challenging part of assembly, your cookie house will be already assembled and ready for you to decorate it! Just plan on coming and having fun, decorating your own house! You’ll be using Royal Icing to bring your house to life. You’ll become a painter, when you paint your iced roof and make trim your color choice! All supplies – icing, tips and bags, spatula and candy will be provided. There will also be a box to carry your special house! *Parents or guardians must be in the building during class time, may be attending another class or in vendor area. Class size is limited to 12 students.

Hide & Seek Bunny for Kids Ages 8 to 12

Saturday 2:15-3:00 $15 Time for an easy challenge of Hide and Seek with a bunny!

The little bunny thinks he’s hiding but he doesn’t know you can see his butt! Learn how to create a cute double-decker cupcake tree stump treat with a bunny hiding in it! OK, almost hiding but with its butt showing! Children will learn how to use a piping bag with tip to create their own tree stump. They will use fondant for some of the accents on their creation, including the Bunny Butt! All supplies will be included, including a box to carry home their own sweet treat creation!

*Parents or guardians must be in the building during class time, may be attending another class or in vendor area. Class size is limited to 12 students.